We are free to create, anywhere

ZAYANN is a 37ft traditional wooden sailboat, built in Sarteneja in the North of Belize, completed in 2012, a way of living for creative mind

Video creation on ZAYANN

Give a real chance to your drone to make astonishing footage… Bring the best of your GoPro !
Join us on ZAYANN and feel inspired, we are free to explore, autonomous for a productive creative session.
Possibilities are endless, the creative potentiality is infinite, as far as the horizon on the beautiful waters of Belize,you find beauty to capture with your lens.

Check ED Belize Youtube Channel for more videos.


Experimental Video clips by ED Belize (to learn the process and the tools).

  • Electronic Music track from Belizean Record Label Mind & Me 
  • Drone footage from previous expeditions on ZAYANN generously offered by guests (credits on the video’s descriptions in Youtube. (More drone footage on my Youtube Channel )
  • Art Work videos created with Prisma app for pictures and Artisto app for videos (I had to record from the screen the videos playing on laptop with the camera from smartphone. No processing is possible with videos that are not recorded with the phone)
  • Video Editing on KdenLive, free and open-source software, running on Linux Ubuntu 17.04 (free open-source operating system).


Track: Mind & Me – Night Quest – Note to you
Video drone: JM Thimon
Editing, SPX, production: Edward Le Rouvre – ZAYANN studio Software: Ubuntu, KdenLive, Inkscape and VLC CACA ASCII Output, Hollywood Hacker terminal screen… The two last to generate geeky fake pompous information, a representation of the global data and technology and the energy consumption of the digital world.


Artisto app
recording laptop screen of drone’s footage.
Linux Terminal
Made with KdenLive Open Source Software on Ubuntu: Edward Le Rouvre
Music track: Mind & Me



Track Mind & Me – Night Quest – Theory
Drone: Tony Gueli
Video Editing, production: Edward Le Rouvre, ZAYANN Video Studio, Ubunu, KdenLive
We are creative, wooden boat, wind, music, technologies, all together, we are Belize.
You must have the best sound to enjoy it, good speakers of headphones


Mind & Me Record Label – Belize 

Previously finalized Projects

Marine Life short documentary by Jean-Marc Thimon: Appen Youtube Channel






General Contact

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